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Today’s Goal April 30, 2010

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All of us have goals we want to achieve, be it in their yoga practice, career or personal life. Let’s not forget that each step leading to that goal is just as important as the goal itself. Oftentimes, we are so focussed on the goal, that we become depressed with our current state of affairs. We might start to resent the present moment, because in our minds, we want to be somewhere else, in the future (which does not exist except in our mind). Stop fighting the present moment. Instead focus on being the best you can be at your current place in time. Even as you are working head towards achieving some goal, do not forget that it is when we can perform our best at each and every moment that forms the ladder up to the peak where we want to be.


Today’s Goal April 29, 2010

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As you go through you daily activities today, you are more than likely to come across individuals who might annoy, anger, irritate, or cause negative emotions to bubble up within you. Instead of instantaneously allowing that negative emotion to take over you causing you to react in a negative manner, take a moment to reflect, “I could well be THAT person but because of some divine intervention / karma or what-have you I am NOT like that. So there by the power of grace, go I”. By changing your perception of individual behaviors in such a manner, we will develop more compassion towards others, whom might NOT be treating us in the nicest possible manner. This will change the way we react because two negative reactions do not result in a positive change. If we react in a more compassionate manner (even if it means just holding back / non reaction) we will not be accumulating any negative emotions which can only serve to fester in our being, and in the short term, spoil the rest of our day.


April 28, 2010

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Today’s Goal April 27, 2010

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Live the three L’s of life: Living, Laughing and Learning.

These are the basics to life and if we are both living and laughing a bit it is so much easier to learn. There is so much to learn. Every day should offer at least one lesson either from experience or shared experience. Take pleasure in learning and sharing we have learnt and discuss ideas with others. It is a great way to bond with each other and get closer to various truths about life and even less important truths about life. Challenge yourself to be open to the possibility of unanswerable questions. Keep an open and searching mind.

Feel that when you are experiencing life, it is like looking out towards the stars and infinite space. Awe and fear are there, but also the riches of curiosity and adventure.


Food for thought

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According to Ayurveda, when we are in balance, we automatically desire foods that are good for us. But if our mind, body, or spirit is out of sync, our connection to our body’s inner intelligence goes awry.Ayurvedic texts emphasize ahara, proper diet, as vital for promoting health and happiness. Ayurveda creates health by enlivening the body’s inner intelligence to create harmony.Ayurvedic physicians maintain there is no one single diet or food that is healthy for all individuals.

Ayurveda identifies six major tastes we need in our diet every day—sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent. Each of these tastes has specific health-giving effects. By including all six, we will be most completely nourished and satisfied. When we consistently eat only a few of the tastes, it not only causes health problems but also triggers cravings for unhealthy foods. For instance, fast food contains mostly sweet, sour, and salty tastes. If we eat a steady diet of fast food, we can develop a craving for sweets. Adding more pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes can help tame out-of-control desires for candy and doughnuts.

Just as important as what we eat is how our body assimilates food. Food is the substance through which we bring nature’s intelligence into our bodies. It’s important to eat foods that you like! Whether a food “makes your stomach turn” or “makes your mouth water” literally affects how completely your body absorbs its nutrients. Dishes that make your taste buds sing a joyful song kindle agni and enliven your body’s inner intelligence.

The ancient Ayurvedic text Sushrita Samhita states, “He whose doshas are in balance, whose appetite is good … whose body, mind, and senses remain full of bliss, is called a healthy person.”


Today’s Goal

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Instead of looking for peace and joy, externally, let’s try to turn our search inwards. Take a few minutes of each day to just shut yourself away (in your mind that is) from all the hubbub of activity surrounding you. Rest your awareness on your breathing, try and feel the soft beating of your heart and you will find a new secret garden of joy within you.