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January 18, 2011

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There are two types of freedom, are there not? There is freedom from something. I am free from anger let us suppose but the freedom from something is a reaction; obviously that is not freedom. To be free from one’s nationality means absolutely nothing; a very intelligent man is free from that particular poison; but that does not constitute freedom at all. And there is a different kind of freedom, a state of mind in which there is no effort at all. Such freedom is love; it is not as when you say, `I must learn to love, to practise love’, `I hate people but I am going to struggle, make an attempt to love’, that is not love. Freedom is a state of mind in which love is and it is not the opposite of hate, or jealousy, or aggression. When we are dealing with opposites and trying to be free from one and achieve the other then the other has its root in its own opposite right? Through conflict freedom cannot possibly be understood.

– J. Krishnamurti


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