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Betcha didn’t know how amazing apple cider vinegar is! February 2, 2011

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1. Apple cider vinegar can be mixed with sea salt and gently applied to sprainsRingworm, nail fungus, bunions, corns, calluses, warts, shingles, boil, ant, black fly, mosquito bites, wasp, bee stings and even poison ivy all benefit from applications of apple cider vinegar. (Making a paste with equal parts baking soda and apple cider vinegar is used just as often.)

2. For a bloody nose, apply a compress of two teaspoons apple cider vinegar one a cup of cool water to the base of the neck and to the top of the nose to help constrict blood vessels.

3. Lice and bed bugs are repelled by apple cider vinegar and when combined with essential oils of tea tree, rosemary, lavender, and peppermint are made into a spay for the hair and bedding.

4. Many digestive ailments are improved by apple cider vinegar. Vinegar increases the metabolic rate promoting weight loss, correcting constipation and improving digestion.

5. Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of warm water and sip slowly for heartburn.

6. Indigestion, nausea and motion sickness improve with drinking two teaspoons each of apple cider vinegar and raw honey in a glass of warm water daily for its pH balancing effect.

7. For food poisoning, mix a tablespoon each of apple cider vinegar and raw honey in warm water and sip to deter the replication of unfriendly microorganisms, and replenish the body with depleted minerals.

8. The traditional remedy of teaspoons each of apple cider vinegar and honey helps in curbing allergies, arthritis and mastitis in humans and animals.

9. For bladder infection, using one half teaspoon each of apple cider vinegar and raw honey in a glass of warm water helps to acidify the urine and prevent bacterial growth, which in some cases can contribute to incontinence.

10.Drink two teaspoons each of apple cider vinegar and honey in a cup of hot water three times daily to break up mucus congestion and cough. Have a glass by the bed and take a couple of swallows if you wake up coughing.

11. Bleeding hemorrhoids and hypertension may improve if you take two teaspoonfuls of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water at every meal.

12.The acids in apple cider vinegar can help dissolve kidney stones. Drink two teaspoons daily in a cup of hot water. Frequent gargling with two tablespoons apple cider vinegar in water brings relief and inhibits bacteria and viruses causing sore throats.

13.Vinegar helps draw pollutants out of the body and balances the skin’s pH. After cleansing the face, apply a cotton ball soaked in equal parts apple cider vinegar and water to restore the skin’s proper pH and prevent and treat acne.

14.Include it in a rinse for an antifungal anti dandruff scalp treatment.

Use one cup in the bathtub to relieve sore muscles, itchy skin, candida, poison ivy, and sunburn. To ease the discomfort of shingles and varicose veins apply apple cider vinegar directly to the affected area three to four times daily.

15.If you launder your own cloth diapers, add 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar to the final rinse water. This will make them softer for your baby’s skin and prevent diaper rash.

16.Drink a teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar in water three times daily before each meal to improve memory and increases stamina.


2 Responses to “Betcha didn’t know how amazing apple cider vinegar is!”

  1. Hi i am really having problems with my sinus my question is how do apple cider vinegar help or do it help at all ? thank you Lionel Bonner

    • rainbowyoga Says:

      You can add 1/4 cup ACV to your vaporizer tank. If you don’t have a vaporizer, pour hot water and ACV into a bowl and hold your head over the bowl to inhale the steam.

      You can also use a concoction made from hot water, one teaspoon of ACV and one teaspoon honey. Heat the water as you would for tea, then add the other ingredients and stir to dissolve the honey. While sipping the concoction, hold the steaming mug near your face to make it easier to inhale the vapor.

      If you prefer not to drink the mixture, gargling is an option. Make the same potion of hot water, ACV and honey described above and gargle with it. Alternatively, skip the honey and use a teaspoon of ACV mixed with a cup of warm water.

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