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March 1, 2011

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Poses that tap into tension in the hips, chest, and back seem to prompt emotional releases most often during yoga sessions. Frustration and anger could manifest in spinal tension, heartbreak and depression could linger in the chest, and emotional pain from the past could lie dormant in the hip flexors. These moves can help you confront such unresolved issues

Poses That Target the Hips

Pigeon Pose: The positioning for this pose varies depending on how advanced you are in your practice. But even if you opt for the beginner’s asana, you’ll definitely feel pressure in your hips and groin.

Happy Baby Pose: This one might feel a little silly at first, but it can work wonders for bouts of exhaustion and anxiety.

Extended Triangle Pose: The farther you extend your torso to the right and stretch your arms, the more you challenge your hips to let go of tension.

Poses That Target the Chest
Camel Pose: Because you make your heart so open (and vulnerable) in this pose, it often leads to dramatic emotional displays, from giggling to sobbing.

Upward-Facing Dog: Remember to breathe deeply and evenly through this surprisingly challenging pose. It can help stretch the hips, too.

Bridge Pose: This pose is a gentler way to release emotions, because you slowly ease your body into it. The chest opening isn’t quite as stark, but it still makes a difference.

Poses That Target the Spine
Seated Twist: Twisting the spine in either direction awakens your organs and abdominal muscles as well.

Big Toe Pose: Asanas that require forward bends or backbends are good at channeling and expelling tension caused by anger, jealousy, and other negatively passionate emotions.


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