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Eco friendly Easter Ideas March 30, 2011

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Easter is just around the corner, but there’s still time to get your green craft on with some eco-friendly gifts and decorations! Crafting is a great way to spend some quality time with friends, family, or your kids, and Easter’s such a fun reason to get crafty! Whether you’re decorating eggs or filling an Easter basket, there are lots of ways to add a DIY touch to the holiday. Most of these crafts are kid-friendly, so the little ones can get in on the crafty fun!

1. Natural Egg Dyes

Egg dyeing is an Easter staple, but those store-bought dyes are often full of mystery chemicals. This year, check out some natural egg dyeing techniques instead. The results are beautiful, and you don’t have to worry about your kids handling toxic supplies. Foods like onion skins, turmeric, and beets make natural dyes that color your eggs without harsh chemicals.

2. Painting Wooden Eggs

For most vegan crafters, dyeing regular eggs isn’t a good option. Instead, look for wooden eggs that you can decorate. Just make sure you’re using non-toxic paints to create your wooden masterpieces. The bonus with a wooden egg? You’ve got a handmade treasure that will last for years, if you want it to. If you want to re-use your eggs, just paint them a solid color next year, and you can decorate them all over again!

3. Spring Nests

This is a fun alternative to the traditional Easter basket by using a serving bowl, reclaimed packing paper in place of a grocery bag, and brightly colored feathers.

4. Make a Green Easter Basket

Your local thrift store is an excellent source for baskets that you can turn into Easter baskets. To decorate, weave spring-colored ribbon into the basket, or use string or a hot glue gun to attach home made decorations to the outside. Just use a toothpick to help push the ribbon into the weave of the basket.

When filling up that basket, don’t forget the eco-candy! Opt for fair trade chocolate and healthy treats like fruit and nuts. Stay away from the traditional Easter grass stuffing — that stuff is made out of plastic. Instead, line your basket with shredded junk mail or even something more natural, like moss or wildflowers. You can also add homemade touches, like the fabric scrap baby chicks on the next page to make a cute, eco-friendly Easter basket.

4. Fabric Scrap Chicks

These fabric baby chicks would make such a sweet addition to any Easter basket. While the video above doesn’t mention it specifically, this is a great project for using up fabric scraps. Not only can you use scraps to sew up the birds and make the flower detail, but you can use tiny scraps and bits of thread to stuff your creation! If you aren’t into stuffing your baby chick with scraps, opt for organic cotton batting instead of polyfill, which is a petroleum product.


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