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Homemade aromatherapy facial cream April 11, 2011

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This natural aromatherapy facial cream is easy to make and perfect for dry skin or problem skin (particularly hormonally-linked problem skin).  It makes about 3 medium sized jars.

To make the face cream, you will need:

6 ounces of organic sweet almond oil

2 ounces of organic avocado oil (If you can’t find avocado oil, you can substitute more sweet almond oil).

Beeswax (3/4 cup shaved—use a grater)

1 teaspoon lecithin granules dissolved in 1 cup of lukewarm water

Essential Oils

Chamomile (10 drops)

Eucalyptus (6 drops)

Frankincense (2 drops)

Lavender (20 drops)

Patchouli (2 drops)

Ylang ylang (10 drops)

You can use a different combination of the essential oils if you prefer.  Use about 30 to 50 drops of combined essential oils for this recipe.

How to Make the Cream

Measure the sweet almond and avocado oil into a sterilized Pyrex container.  Add the shaved beeswax.  Bring a double boiler filled with water to a boil.  Set the Pyrex container in the box, gently warming the oil and beeswax mixture until the beeswax is melted.  Remove immediately from the stove.  In a separate bowl, dilute the lecithin granules in the cup of lukewarm purified water.  Pour the water-lecithin mixture into the blender and begin blending.  Slowly add the oil mixture, blending until the mixture forms a cream.  Finally, add the essential oils (chamomile, eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender, patchouli and ylang ylang.  Blend until combined.  Immediately fill sterilized glass jars and label.  The cream lasts about 6 months when kept refrigerated.


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