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Tips to avoid gas from beans May 6, 2011

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Eat lots of vegetables, particularly green ones with your beans (75 percent of the meal should be vegetables).

As beans are slow to digest:

• Eat fruit or sugar foods 2 – 3 hours away from a meal with beans.

• Only eat one protein in the same meal, as each protein requires a specific type and strength of digestive juices.

• Potatoes conflict with digestion of the beans–so avoid eating them in the same meal.

• Eat a whole grain with beans to compliment them.

In Japan and far East Asia they add a piece of seaweed (Kombu or Wakame) after the beans have been cooked as it makes the beans more digestible, more nutritious and tastes great! Read more about seaweed.

Use digestive spices: in India they cook ginger, turmeric and sometimes fennel and asafetida with beans to make them more digestible.

Chew and savor your beans! Digestion starts in the mouth. Savor bean soup in the mouth before swallowing to begin the process of digestion.

Start with mung beans, adzuki and dhal, as they are easy to digest because they are low in the complex sugars that are easily broken down by the human digestive enzymes. Even invalids can digest these ones. If you’re new to beans, start with a small amount and increase gradually by eating them once a week then twice a week, etc. Do keep up eating beans regularly so your system learns how to digest them.


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