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Handmade Father’s Day Gift Ideas May 26, 2011

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Make a Gadget Cozy from a Book

Gourmet Salt Kit

If your dad is into cooking, a homemade gourmet salt kit is a great DIY Father’s Day gift! Over at Dollar Store Crafts, you can learn how to make your own out of a pill box. You could also use a set of tiny containers, like reclaimed baby food jars, to package your gourmet salts. Make this an extra special gift by whipping up some custom labels for each type of salt and sticking them to each container.

Of course, you can buy these salts pre-made, but that can get quite pricey. Instead, why not try your hand at making your own gourmet salt blends?

Infused Booze

Infused vodka or rum makes a great gift for dad, if he enjoys a cocktail at the end of the day. Infusions are very simple to make! Just steep your organic rum or vodka with whatever herbs or fruit you like, then strain into a pretty container. That’s it! I really liked this mint infused vodka idea from Cute and Delicious! If mint’s not dad’s thing, you can try:

  • Citrus vodka or rum – Steep the citrus peel in your booze of choice for a few days days, then strain.
  • Rosemary vodka – You don’t even have to strain this one. Leave the rosemary sprig right inside for a pretty effect.
  • Vanilla rum or vodka – Vanilla has a lighter taste, so it needs to steep longer. Toss a few vanilla pods in and let them steep for around 3 weeks.

Really, any sort of fruit or herb will do. The rule of thumb is to steep for a few days to a week, and strain it before bottling if your additions leave sediment in the drink. Some herbs won’t turn ugly as they soak, and you can leave those in for some extra charm.

Make a Custom Coffee Mug

With a set of nifty permanent ceramic pens, you can design a custom mug for dad that’s 100 percent personalized. Green up this project by hunting for the mug itself at the local thrift store, rather than buying one that’s new. You can look for a blank mug or even try to find one with a cute design that you want to embellish even more!

I’d recommend sketching your design on a piece of paper to get it finalized before you start drawing on the mug. You can also use stencils, if freehand drawing isn’t your strong suit.


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