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January 3, 2012

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We make them and we sometimes break them. Promises, promises. The word “promise” is full of hope and possibility. When you give your word and honor it, make a vow and live it, and rise to your potential, you have fulfilled your “promise.” This time of year you may be one of the millions who resolves to improve your habits and achieve higher goals by making a promise to yourself that you intend to keep.

The word “promise” comes from Latin, meaning “to send.” You were “sent” in this lifetime, full of potential and promise. As you reflect on each new day, with all its promise and hope, take a few moments to think about the promises of your own life. As a child, did you love to dance, sing, paint or tell stories? Do you still make people happy with your presence? Each day, try to incorporate the little things that make you special to help you live in harmony with your true spirit. That is a promise to be kept!


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