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February 14, 2012

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When my heart breaks, it’s always silent. 
I’ve been down this road, before. 
I’ve been driven from my home.
I’ve been shoo’d from my own door. 

I’ve ended up in the shelter,
more times than I can count. 
But I always get that second chance, 
and living purgatory, is all that amounts. 

I end up out on the streets. 
I have to rely on a friendly strangers hand.
Trust me, those are few and far between, 
normally, they aren’t my biggest fans. 

It’s like they look at me, like a species, 
that is invasive to their space. 
I’m pretty sure we all inhabit this land , 
and to help me, it’s your place. 

I wouldn’t expect anyone to understand this. 
The others have made these pleas, before me. 
Maybe the next one’s words, will be more eloquent than mine, 
and we’ll eventually all be free. 
– Poem by : Savana Frame


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